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Don’t Let the Memories Pass You By

Author: Great Life Senior Care LLC |

Don’t Let the Memories Pass You By.jpg

As I strode into Lowe’s Home Center in mid-September on a mission for fresh paint, I was stopped in my tracks as I noticed a fully lit up Christmas Display. Gnomes, snowmen, Santa and his reindeer, Mickey Mouse, along with every conceivable type of fully lit, decorated Christmas Tree were shining. What happened to Fall? Where were the colored leaves, wreaths, and hay bales? Halloween and Thanksgiving had disappeared altogether in a rush to capitalize on Christmas, where lies a substantial portion of the annual income for many businesses far and wide. I was snapped to attention as I thought about the implications of this.

For children and adults as well, October is filled with fun. Growing up, ask any adult what their favorite holiday was as a child. You will be surprised that many of them will say Halloween. Stories will begin to pour out as they talk and laugh about the crazy, scary, greatest costumes they donned in the effort to “trick” neighbors into giving them the best treats and goodies as they wandered decorated neighborhoods. With great expectations of a sweet harvest, they traveled in bands with parents keeping a watchful eye, interacting with other parents about this crazy ritual of filling candy bowls that would last well into the fall, including the resulting dentist appointments and tummy aches. You expected to meet pirates and princesses, monsters and mummies, giant candy corns, spiders, butterflies and cartoon characters. Lit pumpkins, sparkling lights, and eerie music rocked the streets. The options were endless. This was a kid’s holiday, a dream of sweets and haunting the streets after dark. For parents, the hardest part was scrambling to fulfill their kids costume wishes and a big sigh of relief when the reflection in the mirror lit up the eyes of their child. But it was more than that. It was inspiration, smiles, pretending, and throwbacks to simple fun and creativity!

If Halloween is not a night you enjoy below is a list of other October days that may serve to create memories and opportunity to spend with family and friends and of course the precious seniors in your life who want to be with you.

  • October 12th – Columbus Day
  • October 14th – National Dessert Day
  • October 16th – Bosses Day
  • October 21st – National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
  • October 29th – Frankenstein Day
  • October 30th – National Candy Corn Day
  • October 31st – Carve a Pumpkin Day
  • October 31st – Halloween

For the seniors in our lives, this season ahead is a magical one. Many of them invested their time and attention year after year to bring their families together during holidays, building traditions to emphasize the importance of taking the time to enjoy each other, laugh, play, eat delicious foods, and share our lives. Eventually, seniors must pass that baton to their children or grandchildren, yet the importance of family togetherness and knowing you are not alone in this crazy world, remains a respite for the mind, a place of safety with the knowledge that we can love each other despite our differences because we are – after all --family.

At Great Life Senior Care, we appreciate the family, and the inspirational roles that parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, and close friends play in bringing contentment and happiness to those sunset years. If you need ideas, encouragement, or assistance in caring for your loved ones, we have talented, compassionate caregivers ready to help! It is our desire for all seniors to be loved, respected, and appreciated. Find out how we can help make this fall season special for your loved one, and how we can come alongside of you in making that happen. Please call Jason White at (951)679-9592…….for a free in-home assessment to find out how we can help!

Don’t let those memories pass you by!

Anita White, Contributor Great Life Senior Care.

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