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Menifee In-home Care Assistance & Caregiver Services for Seniors

  • Testimonials


    Great Life Senior Care are the folks you should contact if you want outstanding service for yourself or a loved one. Their caregivers are top notch people. You can feel safe and secure that their attention to details are over the top in the service they provide.
    I would recommend them to anyone in need of in home care. If you choose someone lose.

    Carolyn Smithmitoma, Patient
    Kenneth Mitoma, a truly satisfied customer
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    Great Life Senior Care's director Mr. Jason White is committed to exemplary service to his clients. His team personally sees to your comfort and well being. I highly recommend Great Life to anyone looking for professional service and quality personal care. -Bill Zimmerman, Mayor City of Menifee

    Bill Zimmerman
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    Jason and the home care aides were simply amazing. They provided much needed assistance to my mother who was caring for my father in hospice care. They were incredibly professional, kind, and reliable during a very difficult time. They were always responsive and were able to provide services with very little notice. Highly recommended for anyone looking for competent and knowledgeable home care assistance for a loved one.

    John Hrbacek
  • Testimonials

    Hands down, customer service and care for their patients and staff. Highly recommend. Jason is the nicest guy, veteran owned company and passionate about services .

    Christa Hoag
  • Testimonials

    This is a great company to work for. Friendly
    And quick to help solve any problem that might arise.

  • Testimonials

    I just want to THANK Jason and his team who did so much for my Mom during her final week. They cared for her and ensured she was comfortable and talked with her. A very special THANKS to Anna and Michele who went above and beyond what I expected and with dealing with my father as well. I will never forget the caring and kindness that these two wonderful women showed during a very difficult time in our family. Would give you 10-Stars!

    Brian Rhodes
  • Testimonials

    Great Life is your go-to for senior care. It’s where you will find integrity, compassion, love and a genuine heart to serve our precious seniors with dignity and respect. Jason carefully screens his staff to ensure his clients and their families live a truly Great Life!

    Sherry Powers
  • Testimonials

    I contacted Great Life Senior Care for services needed following an accident. Jason quickly responded and was most understanding of my situation. He was able to provide experienced care that met my needs on very short notice. Thanks Jason and caregiver, Debbie, for being so helpful…you both made a difference.

    Bonnie Alt
  • Testimonials

    Jason is a compassionate and caring person. He helps people from a heart to serve.

    Lisa Tucker
  • Testimonials

    Jason was very professional and was able to help my mom with some assistance when she was released from the hospital.

    Jeff Warner
  • Testimonials

    Great Company with Staff that has the right focus on "Real Senior Care"!

    Randall Rodriguez
  • Testimonials

    Jason is an amazing leader and great life offers the best support for senior care. He is a genuine business local business owner.

    Omar Omari
  • Testimonials

    Great life is amazing. Jason is true and whole hearted. He will also fit you with the best care giver! Honest and true is always what you get with great life. Thank you for treating our family with love and care.

    Steven Brooks
  • Testimonials

    Can't say enough great things about Jason! Great customer service and so much compassion. You won't regret choosing Great Life Senior Care!

    Reina Laughlin
  • Testimonials

    My mom refused to get care even though she so desperately needed it. Jason was able to address all her concerns and put her at ease to the point she was actually willing to give a try. Such a miracle and a blessing for my family. Jason you are the absolute best thank you so much.

    Jon Laughlin
  • Testimonials

    Jason and his team really care about the quality of care that his clients receive. They go above and beyond to make sure both client and staff are happy. I highly recommend Great Life Senior Care.

    Stephanie Strohl
  • Testimonials

    Jason and his staff of very skilled and caring caregivers are great to work with. I enjoy working for Jason and love my clients.
    If you are looking for great home care for yourself or a loved one, please give "Great Life Senior Care," a call.

    Anna Sethman
  • Testimonials

    Thank You Jason! I needed some help for my elderly neighbor and I was referred to Jason. Jason was quick to help. Jason came out to meet my neighbor and quickly found someone to come in and assist her with the needs she had. His staff is very professional. Thank you for caring and for all that you do!

  • Testimonials

    I've seen how passionate Jason is about what he does and the care he wants to provide for his clients. I've learned why Jason does this and he truly has his heart in it. Trust him with your loved one.

    Jet Bunditwong
  • Testimonials

    Great Life Senior Care is heads above the rest! The caring demeanor of management and staff is outstanding. Just talking with the people who work here puts me in a good mood. You can feel how much they care. I recently had a surgery and would have been able to arrange for transportation to and from my medical appointments. I had no idea this was even an option! They go above and beyond the call of duty at all times. I really appreciate each and every person who represents this company.

    Melanie Pederson
  • Testimonials

    Jason and his caretakers are compassionate with seniors and they want to provide above and beyond service. Great Life Senior Care offers some help options no other senior care companies offer. I can tell Jason thinks of his clients as extended family.

    Bonnie Clark
  • Testimonials

    Jason and his team truly care about their clients. They are the only ones I would trust with my family. Anna is so passionate about working with seniors, you can tell when her face lights up when she talks about them. I can not say enough good things about Jason and his company. I highly recommend them if you have a family member or loved one living in Southwest Riverside County who could use their help. They will take care of your loved one like their own family. They are truly a blessing to this community.

    Kim buckingham
  • Testimonials

    I do not write many reviews, but I felt compelled to take the time to write this one due to the importance of the service Jason at Great Life Senior Care provides.

    About 6 months ago we came to the emotional decision that we could no longer be the singular care provider for our dad of 84 years. Dad had dementia, needed transport to/from dialysis 3 times per week, had a heart condition and other serious medical issues that required supervised/constant care.

    After placing dad in a care facility we needed to find him transport to dialysis. Not only transport , but the service had to assist walking dad into the dialysis facility, then stay with him the entire 3 1/2 hours during dialysis. Upon completion of dialysis, dad had to be returned to the memory care facility.

    We are not a rich family and needed to find a service that we could trust and afford that could provide this type of transport/care service for our dad.

    It was truly a miracle to have found, through a referral, Jason at Great Life Senior Care. Jason was beyond accommodating. There were multiple occurrences in which my dad's dialysis time had to be changed. Some times at the last minute.

    No matter how many times this had occurred Jason was able to respond each and every
    time and have his caretaker(s) make the necessary last minute schedule adjustments to get our dad to/from dialysis.

    This, by itself earned a 5 star review. Additionally, Jason's pleasant and compassionate demeanor and that of his care takers also are deserving of a 5 star review.

    Dad's dementia was moderate, but he regularly communicated with us that he liked/felt comfortable with Jason's care takers. That was beyond comforting to our family and again, deserving of a 5 star review. We truly thank Jason and his staff for that.

    Jason's pricing was very competitive with other similar service providers. That one item made it possible for our family to afford placing dad in a memory care unit and at the same time pay for the additional cost of dialysis transport.

    Sadly, our dad recently passed. Upon dad's passing Jason wrote our family a thoughtful note expressing his company's condolences. He also forwarded a sentiment from dad's caretaker at that time which expressed her personal feelings on dad's passing. Both sentiments were well received by our entire family.

    Jason, the sincere heartfelt appreciation our family has for you and your staff for the service and care you provided to our dad goes beyond words. It meant the world to our family and our beloved dad. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    This review was well deserved and earned.

    Doug Brenn