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What Dad’s Really Want!

Author: Great Life Senior Care LLC |

What Dad’s Really Want!

50 to 75 years ago, the norms for Fathers were quite different than they are today. Many Mothers stayed home with the children, while Fathers went off to work, part of a daily ritual culminating in great cheers when dad arrived home. There was something magical about that moment, one that the family looked forward to with anticipation. It was a time for sitting around the dinner table, hearing about the day, making sure the kids were on track with homework, and taking a few minutes to watch the nightly news. Sometimes this was followed by listening to the radio, taking a walk, playing a game, watching a current series on TV, or catching up on sporting events.

The next few days would generally follow a similar pattern -- until at last… Saturday arrived. Then there was yard work, taking care of the pool, fixing flat bicycle tires, playing catch with the neighborhood kids, shopping for essentials, and hopefully a little rest and relaxation. Those two weeks of vacation each summer couldn’t come soon enough, and everyone in the family loved the change in routine. Road trips, seeing new sights, and trying to figure out how to keep the kids occupied in the back seat was a major undertaking. Singing silly songs in the car was one of the tools used to keep everyone engaged and laughing. There were no cellphones, or handheld gaming devices to pass the time. Still, by the time the road trip was over, with a trove of memories and a sigh of relief from everyone, they scrambled out of the car and headed for the front door, happy to be back home.

The changing times have certainly altered the way we live our lives, but the important things still remain. A Father’s need to be loved, admired, and respected remains the same. In a fast-paced world, overrun with tasks, often accompanied by sarcasm, jokes, and cliches, many of us don’t know how to meet these basic instinctive needs in a father’s life. We move fast, talk fast, embrace distractions, and keep ourselves so busy, it is easy to get to the end of a day and realize we have had no meaningful conversations, and have expressed no appreciation to those who make our lives rich and fulfilled.

Many of those fathers from 50 years ago are gone now. What a privilege it is for those of us who still have our fathers, to give them some time and attention and express thankful hearts for how they enrich our lives. This Father’s Day, they would love to hear words of appreciation and encouragement or be shown acts of kindness by their families. Oh sure – they would love a new car…new tools…or ten minutes of peace and quiet, but it could be that what dad’s really want – love, admiration, and respect, hasn’t really changed that much over the years.

Great Life Senior Care was born out of love for a grandfather. And that love has changed so many lives. Take a few minutes today to honor the father or grandfather in your life! If Great Life can help, we are only a phone call away.

Anita White, Contributor, Great Life Senior Care

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