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Good Luck March

Author: Anita White |

Good Luck March.jpg

Here we are in March already, and spring is right around the corner – the promise of warmer nights and bright sunny days. It is time to plan those trips, enjoy the outdoors, get your natural Vitamin D, and remember why we live in Southern California where the weather is clear and sunny most of the time.

For seniors, this is a time to plan game nights, take rides in the car, enjoy dinner with a friend, take long slow walks, invite the cool breeze and sunshine into the house, and enjoy your family. Maybe you would enjoy a small garden this spring with easy-to-grow tomatoes and crisp peppers or spring flowers. Whatever you enjoy doing outdoors, March is a wonderful time to start making plans.

When we think of March, the first thought that often comes to mind is Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17th. Remember getting pinched if you did not show up at the workplace or school wearing something green? Did you search for 4 leaf clovers as a child? Do you secretly look for the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow?

While luck is the term many people use for unexpected, good, or bad outcomes, it is important also to remember that a little planning goes a long way toward good outcomes. Here are just a few things to check on to keep you and the seniors in your life healthy and happy this spring.

  • Have the air conditioner serviced and ready to go for those warm days that are coming
  • Do some preventative spraying for insects, or schedule a pest control service to come.
  • Have you accumulated piles of junk mail or unfiled papers this winter? Go through your files or stacks, toss away anything not needed, and file the important papers.
  • Check your refrigerator for expired items and clean out leftovers
  • Tired of the clutter? Need to get rid of excess clothing, furniture, or knickknacks? Have a yard sale or donate those items to a local charity. They will appreciate it and those items will go to help others.
  • Give your house a good spring cleaning and organize those closets. If your time is short – just do one room once a week, including washing the windows and before you know it your whole house will be fresh and clean.
  • Schedule annual checkups to stay on top of health conditions. If there are any early signs of memory loss or confusion or changes in behavior or wellbeing, discuss those with your doctor as there are many ways to assist and enhance the quality of life as we age.

Most of all, remember that love is the greatest gift we can share with friends and family. A simple phone call, a note, a text, enhances the life of the sender and the receiver and create a memory. It is called a relationship! If you or a senior in your life needs a little extra tender loving care or help at home, call Great Life Senior Care, where we have qualified caregivers who can assist with all the important things that help seniors stay safe, healthy, and happy in their homes.

Happy March!

Anita White, Contributor Great Life Senior Care.

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