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Easter Blessings

Author: Great Life Senior Care LLC |

Easter Blessings

As I sat reminiscing about the many Easter Celebrations we have hosted for our children and grandchildren over almost 50 years of marriage, I chuckled at the creative inspiration and outright funny ways we have made the holiday memorable for our loved ones. Of course, we repeatedly provided the traditional meals of ham, yams, rolls, veges, salad, pies and so much more, which were always a big hit (feed them and they will come)! Yet it was the other ways we celebrated that really created some great memories.

These included such things as Easter scavenger hunts, sidewalk chalk drawings, competitive relays, silly games with jelly beans, pin the cottontail on the Easter Bunny, and Easter puzzle competitions. The annual Easter Egg Hunt that followed was sometimes held indoors at home in rainy weather, or outside in the yard, sometimes at various parks or playgrounds. One of the biggest highlights was the annual water balloon toss. Win or lose, there were always smiles and the “Oh no, here we go,” followed by shrieks as cold water splashed on participants as those balloons popped. The winners would shout their victory, then a massive water balloon fight with the remaining balloons would ensue.

Of course, it was always about building memories and family togetherness. As parents or grandparents, we want our kids and grandkids to build relationships with one another, developing deep roots of fun and friendship that will endure growing up, expanding families, moving, and sometimes continuing those relationships from a distance. Family - unconditional love – someone who knows you deeply and still loves you – someone who shares memories and hidden stories that bring laughter and delight no matter the age.

In my own childhood, we seldom missed Sunday services growing up, but Easter was something special. Every year as a child, I would look forward to shopping for an Easter dress, a hat, new shoes, even gloves to wear to church on Easter morning. Then on Sunday, us kids would awaken to find a chocolate bunny, a special gift, or a basket with goodies next to our bedside. My mother would always say that she heard thumping outside, and when she opened the front door, she would see a brightly dressed white rabbit disappearing around the corner of the house.

Our Christian faith was a big part of that holiday for us, and in fact that faith is truly the launching pad for celebrations of all sorts that take place on Easter by people all over the world. We celebrate the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who freely gave himself for us. The reality of Jesus life and love means hope to the hopeless, healing to the sick, encouragement to the brokenhearted, friendship to the lonely, redemption to the sinner (which is all of us), and hope to be together with him one day. We know his purpose for each of us is to reach out to one another in love and acceptance, weaknesses and all, just as he did.

For those of you with loved ones who are seniors, this would be a great time to reach out to them, make a phone call, share some memories, go with them to church, take a fresh bouquet of flowers, or share a meal together. You will likely find that quality time with family is at the top of their list of favorite things.

We at Great Life Senior Care encourage you to take the time to touch the lives of the seniors you know and love this Easter season. You will likely be rewarded with a thankful heart and a new precious memory, while “paying it forward” for the time when you too, will be a senior. Caring for seniors is our passion and our business! If you would like ideas or assistance in helping seniors stay in their homes, call Jason White at Great Life Senior Care at (951) 679-9592 .

Wishing you Easter Blessings

Anita White

Contributor, Great Life Senior Care.

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