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Focus on What Matters in 2023

Author: Anita White |

Focus on What Matters in 2023

It is known that New Year’s Resolutions are often discarded by the end of January. Whether they are fitness declarations, weight loss, eating healthy, self-improvement, educational goals, organizing your home, improving relationships, most are abandoned soon after the New Year as we discover wanting to make changes is not equal to making them. The inherent desire to improve areas in our lives is noteworthy and commendable. We want to be better human beings, take on new challenges, reach our potential, and thus improve the quality of our lives.

As a wise employer once told me as I was striving to learn and improve my performance, “Work on one area at a time. Zero in on that. When you have made progress, work on the next…then the next. Soon you will find you have made lasting changes!” In sports terms, it is easy to become overwhelmed and give up when your eye is not on the ball, especially in this busy world where we are pulled in so many different directions. If you can’t focus on the ball, you will never make that shot, score those points, and win the game. While managing one thing at a time sounds simple, blocking out the noise from the stands or the distractions that consume our time, it can be almost impossible. We must be intentional with our goals. They will not be achieved without diligence and attention.

Where to start?

Relationships – be honest about where you can improve. Take a little time every day to work on this, be more open, listen to those closest to you. Don’t rush in and assume you already know what they are trying to say. Ask questions. It only takes a few minutes to let someone know how much they matter to you, and nothing says this more clearly than listening to what is important to them. Make that phone call – send that text – make and send a video greeting – these are great tools that can reach across the miles if your loved one lives far away from you.

Responsibilities – try to sort out what is needed from what is wanted. You many be trying to do too much. A perfect home, a perfect image, the perfect job, a boat load of chores that seem overwhelming and impossible. Sometimes we need to cast off perfection and focus on what is truly important. Don’t allow your desire for perfection to cause chaos in your life or rob you of the joys of life.

Be Spontaneous – When a loved one is hurt or sick, we often drop everything and rush in. Suddenly that priority we had was quickly abandoned in favor of what mattered. Yet when a spontaneous call comes in for an opportunity of fun, recreation, time with family, it is easy to justify saying no because we are so busy. Look for the chance to say “Yes” to spontaneous adventure or visits with grandkids or a walk in the park, or a shopping trip. Don’t hibernate with your list of excuses. You will find joy in those times together! It is those moments your loved ones will remember after you are gone!

Start today with one area where you would like to see change…and let this become a lifestyle, not overwhelming, not bound to a New Year’s resolution. These is no failure except failure to try!

At Great Life Senior Care, seniors are our number one priority. It is not just about caregivers assisting with daily activities or fulfilling a checklist of tasks. It is about the well-being of the senior, identifying the true needs and desires, enhancing the lives of seniors where they live, making the impossible - possible. It is relationships that set us apart and make our lives meaningful. Please call Jason White at (951) 679-9592 for a personal assessment of how we can assist you or the loved ones in your life in achieving goals in 2023!

Focusing on what matters,

Anita White, Contributor, Great Life Senior Care

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